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Previous Cats from the original

      BlaznSky1990 to 2010.

Oldest CH Blaznsky Brandy Alexander "Mickey", 18 years.  Son of BlaznSky Pina Colada.

"Bed Cats" retired or never sold.  Lived with us forever.

Cousins: Miss M and Bea

Blue-eyed White Boys

"Bunny" & "Schmedly".

Never sold or bred.  Just loved.

Mikey and Dukey, half brothers

Xena, frist lovely Seal Point female.

Buffy, Lilac point,  first "best girlfriend of my life"

Mikey with Blazn Sky Zion JC,

     first bred-by Afhan Hound.

Mikey teaching Zion to eat.


Me and the Boys..

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